Privacy statement BaanHuis

1. Intro

This document is drawn up by BaanHuis (located at Beekstraat 59, 6001 GH Weert) to indicate that we handle your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. By means of this privacy statement, we offer you insight into BaanHuis' method of processing privacy-sensitive information that you as a website visitor or candidate leave with BaanHuis, both live and digitally.

At all times, BaanHuis remains primarily responsible for proper processing in accordance with the AVG, also in times of cooperation with other parties involved.

2. Personal data collection:

2.1 When do we collect personal data?

a) Technical data when accessing our website such as type of device and the IP address and possibly operating system, date and time of your visit to the website.

b) If you give BaanHuis permission to store your issued personal data for further agreed purposes.

c) If your data are needed to draw up and conclude an agreement by BaanHuis, in which you are at least 1 of the parties involved. 

d) If processing personal data is necessary in the following cases: to comply with legal obligations by BaanHuis, to protect your or others' interests

2.2 Why do we collect personal data?

(a) To provide the services of BaanHuis in the best possible way.

(b) Matching labour market supply and demand.

(c) Assess your suitability and availability in connection with any mediation.

d) To establish and maintain a relationship with you including the associated hours and payroll records and other relevant records to perform/request.

e) To fulfil our social obligations and comply with them to help persons (whether in reintegration or not) with a certain distance from the labour market into work.

f) For the purpose of providing information to our clients through assignment agreements and in the context of pre-employment screening.

(g) To note and promote personal development, including training, education and testing.

(h) If we have entered into an employee or staffing/mediation relationship with you, for compliance with laws and regulations, including but not limited to identification, labour, tax and social security laws, combating fraud and national and international sanctions laws.

2.3 What personal data do we collect?

(a) NAW Data

(b) Contact details such as e-mail address, phone number

(c) Curriculum vitae (CV) which includes information on internships, work experiences and training.

(d) Record of necessary data received by Baanhuis during an interview such as availability, willingness to travel, salary indication, references and testimonials.

(e) Self-supplied documents such as proposal papers, letters of application, etc.

f) If you are employed through BaanHuis: bank account number, BSN number and copy of identity document and if necessary a Certificate of Good Conduct. This also includes staff absence and payroll records.

(g) Data other than those listed above that are necessary.

At all times, it is important that you provide the correct data, especially in the case of becoming an employee through BaanHuis.

3. Cookies

BaanHuis uses cookies and web statistics. This enables us to see how visitors use our website. This allows us to better adapt our website to the user preferences of our visitors. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your computer. The next time you visit our website, these small pieces of information are recognised, making your visit easier.

4. Sharing of personal data:

BaanHuis may disclose your personal data to its clients, subcontractors providing services or carrying out assignments on its behalf, suppliers, government agencies and other business relations. And in all other cases in which we may be obliged to do so, for example by a court order or court judgment.

The provision of personal data is always made on the basis of a legitimate interest, legal obligation and/or for the performance of the agreement.

5. Retention period of personal data:

The retention period we use depends on the applicable legal retention periods.

5.1 If you have been mediated through BaanHuis:

Your mediation data are available up to two years after the last contact if you have not worked for BaanHuis. If you no longer wish to be mediated, you can indicate this at. After expiry of the aforementioned periods, your data will be permanently deleted.

5.2 If you work/have worked for BaanHuis:

Your personal data will be available for two years after the end of employment.

Certain personal data are available to BaanHuis for longer for the purpose of, for example, claims, audits and tax obligations.

6. Your rights

6.1 For candidates, flex workers, freelancers and business associates:

If you wish to inspect your total personal data processing and/or change or delete data that you cannot modify yourself, please contact BaanHuis.

6.2 For other relationships:

You have the right to inspect and amend the personal data registered about you. You can contact BaanHuis for this purpose.


BaanHuis makes every effort to optimally secure your personal data against unlawful use. We do this by means of physical, administrative, organisational and technical measures. For example: only authorised persons have access to the data. If and insofar as data are provided to given processors who provide services or carry out assignments on its behalf, BaanHuis has agreed with them that they also optimally secure the personal data.

8. Rectification or a (suspected) data breach

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about the protection of your personal data by BaanHuis, please contact us in writing or by telephone. You can address your letter to BaanHuis, Beekstraat 59, 6001 GH Weert. You can also contact us by telephone at telephone number: 0495-218120 or by mail at mail address:

If there is a (suspected) data breach, please report it immediately to BaanHuis via the contact and/or address details above.

We will try to process your requests as mentioned in this section as soon as possible, but at the latest within 14 calendar days. To start with, we will check your identity at all times and will process electronically unless you request otherwise.

9. Changes

BaanHuis may make changes, additions or amendments to its Privacy Statement from time to time for various reasons. The most up-to-date Privacy Statement can be viewed on the BaanHuis website at any time.

10. Other provisions

The provisions of this privacy statement and any disputes arising from it are governed by Dutch law.


This version was drafted in Oct 2023.